Text Messages, Voice Mails And Flash Drives – Welcome To The New E-Discovery

Most companies will now be required to retain and produce a wider range of electronic data because of the new Federal Rules of Civil Procedure which were approved on December 1, 2006. The types of electronically stored information that companies could be required to produce in a lawsuit range from docs, e-mails, voice mails, text messages and just about any digital information saved on a company's server, e-mail database or employee's desktop.IT departments, as well as corporate counsel, are Read more [...]

Hello! Create a Customer-Friendly Voice Mail Greeting

Who answers your business phone when you're not in the office? Most home-based business owners use an answering machine or voice messaging system. But it's not enough to just make sure the phone gets picked up when you're not there; the greeting your callers hear says more about you than just "leave a message."That announcement may be the first contact someone has with you, and if you don't sound professional, the caller may not leave a message or may not call back.It's not necessary to sound Read more [...]